Sector: Health – Medical device

Location: Praça Conde de Agrolongo, Edifícion GNRation, nº123 – São João do Souto, Braga, Portugal


BestHealth4U is a company that develops new and advanced skin-interacting medical devices.

Areas/Lines R+D+i

BestHealth4U developed a “firmly-on, glue-less, easy-peel off and skin-friendly” medical adhesive Bio2Skin. Bio2Skin ( disrupts the current concept of adhesives as it is glue-less and doesn’t “stick” to the skin. Contrarily to the traditional adhesives, Bio2Skin uses the natural features of the skin and does not cause damage or pain upon its removal, preventing MARSI – Medical Adhesive-Related Skin Injury (a common side-effect of adhesives usage). Bio2Skin provides a strong, safe and gentle adhesive solution for a wide range of medical devices and dressings, including tapes and wound dressings and attachment of critical tubes, access devices and ostomy products. Due to the material’ structure, BestHealth4U has been exploring the use of Bio2Skin to other areas, namely electronic medical monitoring and advanced transdermal delivery skin-patches.

Most important R+D+i projects

Waiting for the results of applications submitted in partnership with R&D biotech institutions, located in the north region of Portugal.


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