Sector: Environmental

Location: O Gavián, 39 – Verducido – 36150 – Pontevedra


Bioprana was created with the aim of providing society with sustainable biosolutions for the treatment of organic matter such as: slurry, mud, compost, organic by-products from industrial processes. In addition to the recovery of the microbiological life of the soil.

With our cocktail of microorganisms we manage to accelerate the process of decomposition of organic matter with the following results:

  • Reducing the intense and aggressive odors of
  • Reduce crusting, stirring times and handling of slurry
  • Reduce the presence of larvae in the pits and facilities.
  • Increase the biofertilizing power of purin
  • Avoiding clogging in the collection channels
  • Improve hygiene on farms by strengthening the prevention of certain diseases and enhancing animal welfare
  • Displacement of pathogens in organic matter
  • Recovery of soil microbiological life

Most important R+D+i projects

  • Milk cattle: automatic spraying system.

Period: 2014


Phone: 886 31 00 31 – 629 60 70 06