Ecocelta – Biofertilizer and environmental management


Sector: Environmental and agri-food

Location: Ecocelta Galicia, S.L.,Crta. PO-253 km 0,8 Pontacóns-Pías 36895 Ponteareas (España)


ECOCELTA, a Galician company founded in 2003, is a producer of natural organic fertilizers from the management of organic waste through composting, methanization and worm farming.

Some of its services are: environmental management, environmental education, application of fertilizers, integral and logistic advice.

The company has a commitment with the environment, with the aim of taking an active part in the defence and conservation of nature, understanding that environmental education constitutes a very important role for the acquisition of the values of protection and prevention of the environment.

Most important R+D+i projects

COWARE: Development of technologies for the simultaneous decomposition of a homogeneous mixture of two or more organic substrates with the aim of:

– Maximize biogas production.

– Maintain the stability of the process.

– Obtain the optimal mix of substrates.

– Perform a process stability diagnosis.

Period: 2007-2013

 2017 Project FEADER 2017/081B. VIVEDEPUR: Nursery of native macrophyte plants from Galicia for sewage treatment plants.

2017 Project FEADER 2016/54B. Alternatives for bio-management of pigs’ feet for agricultural fertilization.

2017 Innovation Plan INNOVA PEME. Funding FEDER. Improvement of Ecocelta’s facilities with the aim of carrying out productive and innovative improvements for the valorisation of mussel shell and its transformation into a value-added product.

2018 Connect Pyme IN852A IN852A 2018/56: food-health interrelationship for a healthy old age through functional nutrition based on raw materials from the Galician garden.

2018 Connect Pyme IN852A 2018/3. Integral management of Galician arrival algae: valorization by biological composting.


Phone: 986 64 54 87