Sector: Environmental


MycoGalicia is a company focused on the management of the mycological resource of the Galician mountains. It advises and promotes the development of alternative and sustainable forest uses; applying innovative and respectful techniques with the environment and promoting at the same time the rural development. To ensure the highest quality, we focus all our efforts on applying our values in each service.

MycoGalicia is looking for funding to launch projects based on new applications obtained from research results for new applications of fungi.

Areas/Lines R+D+i

Its main objective is research and development of applications aimed at meeting different needs of the industrial or agricultural sector, as well as expanding scientific knowledge in the field of mycology, its dissemination and professional training.

Most important R+D+i projects

Currently, MycoGalicia is participating in the advice of the LIFE Myas Project, which consists of regulating all harvesting and marketing of mushrooms in Castile and Leon, in force in most provinces of that community at present.


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