Sector: Health

Location: Centro de Negócios Ideia Atlântico, Rua Padres Carmelitas, 4719-005 Braga, Portugal


PeekMed provides 3D orthopedic surgical planning tools. This technology helps the orthopedic surgeon to intuitively and freely manipulate the 3D model created through the imaging study of the patient. The osteosynthesis material of various companies can be added to the planning in the system, allowing the orthopedic surgeon to analyze the surgery’s impact.

Areas/Lines R+D+i

PeekMed provides an intuitive surgical sectioning of a bone in order to correct its deformity. To perform the osteotomy, PeekMed has a simple wizard and measurement tool specific for each subspecialty.

Fracture reduction
A set of tools to help plan surgery for trauma cases that involve fractures. PeekMed can help in this type of surgery using a 2D environment, 2D/3D hybrid environment, or a fully 3D environment.

PeekMed offers the possibility of inserting templates of the materials to be used in the surgery in addition to the measurements, making a total overview of the surgery.

2D/3D Hybrid Planning
Using a CT scan, virtually all kinds of procedures can be planned and reviewed with a 2D and a 3D visualization simultaneously.

Cloud Integration
Using our cloud, it is possible to store each patient study, save the planning and reports.

PACS Integration
PeekMed allows searching and importing patient images stored in a local PACS server through simple and fast set of tools.