Sector: cell, tissue and blood-derived therapeutic products

Location: Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia Avepark Zona Industrial da Gandra, 4805-017 Guimarães – Portugal


Stemmatters is a Portuguese contract development and manufacturing organisation operating in cell, tissue and blood-derived therapeutic products.

Created in 2007 as a spin-off from academia (University of Minho, Portugal), Stemmatters holds over a decade of experience developing both proprietary assets and those of our valued partners. Through the years, the company has generated substantial know-how and experience over a range of technology domains. The track-record of the company has resulted in the development of a biomaterial product platform, currently being exploited for multiple indications.

Stemmatters has acquired significant experience in developing and manufacturing a wide range of products, including medical devices and investigational medicinal products, which are sustained by a successful track-record of multiple site audits and authorizations from business partners and competent authorities.

Areas/Lines R+D+i

Biomaterial Platform
Stemmatters has established mimsys, a technology platform consisting of an extensive library of proprietary, semi-synthetic new chemical entities derived from natural polysaccharide with tailorable physicochemical and biological performance.

Mimsys platform candidates demonstrate various design features and properties, providing unique and highly competitive advantages over alternative biomaterial technologies:

  • Identity and purity: Complete structural identification and determination of chemical composition; Xeno-free
  • Manufacturing: Standardised manufacturing processes and consistent inter-batch reproducibility from readily available starting materials and commodity reagents all with defined specifications
  • Storage and stability: Off-the-shelf availability
  • Usage: Facile dissolution in sterile water at physiological temperature; Viscosity suitable for minimally invasive delivery by injection or 3D printing applications; Proven functionality with commercially delivery systems for in-situ crosslinking and injection
  • Performance: Modulable physicochemical properties; Biocompatible crosslinking mechanism; Provides mechanically stable, viscoelastic hydrogels that allow for volumetric filling at site of implantation; Provides a vehicle for controlled retention and/or delivery of active substances; Controlled degradation profile
  • Application: Formulation of medical devices and advanced therapy medicinal products; in situ delivery of active substances; 3D environment for retaining encapsulated cells

Cartilage Repair
The versatility and effectiveness of mimsys is demonstrated by STM-148B, our lead candidate for cartilage repair. For developing STM-148B, product requirements were carefully defined during the design phase.

Contract development
Stemmatters provides product, process, and analytical method development and validation services tailored to each client’s specific requirements.

Contract manufacturing
Stemmatters can assure all manufacturing steps from material reception through to fill & finish, batch release, storage and retrieval.

Most important R+D+i projects

Stemmatters is involved in numerous research and development projects. List of most relevant projects include:

“SENTINEL – Novel injectable biosensor for continuous remote monitoring of cancer patients at high-risk of relapse”, National project (UTAustin- Portugal, NORTE- 01-0247-FEDER-045914)

“EXCELL – Setting a new standard in human Platelet Lysate products to excel clinical cell manufacturing”. National project (Eurostars E!113731, NORTE-01-0247-FEDER-047352)

“EXCA-BIOTA – EXpansão e CApacitação industrial para fabrico de produto BIOlógico e Terapias Avançadas”, National project (NORTE-02-0853-FEDER-044326)

“NeuroStimSpinal – A step forward to spinal cord injury repair using innovative stimulated nanoengineered scaffolds”, European Horizon 2020 project (H2020-EU.1.2.1. – 829060)

Mimsys – Consolidação da plataforma de desenvolvimento de produto para aplicação médica e biomédica (Consolidation of product development platform for medical and biomedical applications) (NORTE-06-3559-FSE-000006)

“CVMar+i – Inovação industrial através de colaborações específicas entre empresas e centros de investigação no contexto de valorização biotecnológica marinha”, Interreg project (0302_CVMAR_I_1_P)

“NeuroGraft – Development of functionalised cell seeded bio-artificial organ for transplantation in nerve repair”, European FP7 project (HEALTH-F4-2012-304936)

“Find and Bind – Mastering sweet cell-instructive biosystems by copycat nano-interaction of cells with natural surfaces for biotechnological applications”, European FP7 Small Collaborative Project (FP7-NMP-229292)

“CytoNanoHeal – Engineered nanotools for advanced cell therapies”, European project (ERA-NET EuroNanoMed-II)

“ARTICULATE – Development of new products and regenerative therapies for the treatment of articular pathologies”, National project (QREN-13/SI/2011-23189)


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