Vigo Activo


Vigo Activo

Vigo Activo

Sector:Venture Capital

Location: Centro de Negocios Porto do Molle, Rúa das Pontes nº 4 Oficina 2.02,  36350 Nigrán (Pontevedra)


Promoted by Zona Franca of Vigo, Vigo Activo S.C.R. was born in May 1993 to foster the development of the Galician industrial fabric, betting on innovative projects and sectors with emerging technologies.

In its more than 25 years of history, Vigo Activo S.C.R. has supported the growth of more than 120 companies, providing them with financing and advice. Currently, it has its own resources of 17 million Euros.

Financing Criteria

Focus: Projects and companies with growth potential
Size: Small and medium size Galician societies.
Investment: Depending on the characteristics of the project.
Sectors: Any sector allowed by the Venture Capital Law.

Lines of Financing

The possibilities of financing by the instruments of Vigo Activo S.C.R. are

  • Direct participation in the capital of companies on a temporary and minority basis
  • Granting of participative loans.


Contact person: Miguel Baltar Giraud (Investment Manager)